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Ohio teacher to begin long-term mission to Guatemala's Hogar Rafael Ayau
LAKEWOOD, OH [Midwest Diocese Communications] -- With the blessing of His Grace, Bishop Matthias of Chicago, Olivia Morton will begin her tenure as a long-term missionary to the Hogar Rafael Ayau, Guatemala City, Guatemala in October 2012.

Olivia will be using her education as a teacher to teach English while assisting the nuns with office work and other tasks.
"I am prepared for the task of teaching English to the children," says Olivia.  "I will educate them on understanding, speaking, reading, and writing English so they are prepared to engage the global community."
Olivia adds that in so doing, she will be "helping them to rise out of poverty and into better paying jobs."
In addition to prayers, Olivia is seeking sponsors to help her make her ministry a reality.
"My goal is to raise $10,000.00 per year to cover housing, food, travel, personal and visa costs, and related expenses as needed," says Olivia.  ""Just ten dollars will cover room and board for one day!"
Those wishing to help sponsor Olivia's missionary efforts may send tax-deductible checks payable to "Friends of the Hogar Rafael Ayau," 18137 Clifton Rd., Lakewood, OH 44107.  On-line donations may be made on-line here
Hogar Rafael Ayau provides a home for orphaned, abused, and underprivileged children and relies on missionaries like Olivia, especially in building trusting relationships with the children whose trust had been broken by abuse or abandonment by their parents.
We wish Olivia every blessing as she departs on her missionary journey!
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