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TIJUANA, MEXICO [MW Communications] - By God’s grace, St. Mark Church, Rochester Hills, MI sent its first Mission Team to Project Mexico on June 23-30, 2009. Ninety five adults, college students, and high school students from across the U.S. descended on St. Innocent Orphanage that week. We built four homes and changed four families forever. We ourselves changed forever too. It was a trip of a lifetime for some; for others it may become a summer internship; for a few it will become their vocation. Orthodox Basic Training is a life changing program for anyone who participates.

The family we built the home for was so very loving and gracious toward the 28 people in our crew, who came to build. Our family fed us twice, using at least a months worth of grocery money or more for each meal they served us. The men in the family are working in a different town because the economy has affected everyone. The women worked hard to feed us, while the teen in the family worked side by side with us. Most of us were not able to speak Spanish making communication difficult, but not impossible. The home we built, smaller than my garage, will change the family’s quality of life in Mexico.

If you think you would like to go to Project Mexico, pray about it. I found it was great to be in a group from my church because Project Mexico strengthened my parish by having their support and participation. Project Mexico strengthened friendships at St. Mark Church, both teen and adult.

Nothing worth doing is easy. Project Mexico certainly is worth doing. I plan to go again in two years. I am hoping to take Archbishop Job with me and anyone in the diocese that feels the calling.

I was told by a wise friend that St. Innocent Orphanage/Project Mexico was a Holy place, it truly is.

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